Why TJC machinery Ltd. ?
TJC chooses diverse basis and coating material in manufacturing process, based on product features and its working environment, to ensure quality and perfomance of our products.
The features of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, erode-resistance and high temperature resistance help ensure the long service life of our products.
To ensure the remarkable quality of our products, TJC makes effort to improve the quality ensuranse system by introducing advanced inspecting equipment and experienced inspectors.
TJC owns lathes, grinders, milling machines and drilling machines in different sizes, which helps cater to the requirements of our clients.
TJC machinery Ltd. concentrates on manufacture of valves for oil and gas drilling, as well as valves for petrochemical engineering.
Expert technicists in TJC, who have worked in this industry for many years, can ensure the strict control of texture application, processing flow and quality.
The strict quality arbitration before delivery helps ensure the excellent quality of our products. Our products are trustworthy since they all pass inspection by national inspection centre and conform to the requirement of quality.
TJC introduced the imported JP8000 supersonic spraying equipment, as well as coating materials such as tungsten carbide and hastelloy
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